Our Work

We believe that the support and growth of Oregon’s consumer product industries will create sustainable, inclusive, and innovative job growth

About the Accelerator

We started Built Oregon with the simple vision –  to make Oregon the leader in consumer product innovation and development. But becoming a leader requires laying the foundations of support, knowledge and resources upon which companies can engage.

And in Q1 of 2019, Built Oregon is poised to launch the country’s first not for profit consumer product accelerator in Oregon.

And what does ‘not for profit’ accelerator mean? It means there are no equity or strings attached to the participation in the program. We believe the value in investing time and resources into early stage companies that are developing innovative new products is in the difference we can collaboratively make – a way to not only strengthen Oregon’s deep consumer history, but also work to break down systemic barriers in order to create inclusive entrepreneurial opportunities.

Program Details

What stage company are we looking to work with?

We are risk takers and not afraid of diving in and helping early stage companies through the Built network. For the accelerator program, we are looking to engage  companies with $200K-$1MM in revenue.

What type of products will the accelerator focus on?

Food and beverage. Apparel, outdoor, and footwear. Health and beauty. Home accessories. We believe the diversity of the products is a positive attribute within Oregon and want that to be expressed in the accelerator.

Are there certain criteria that we look for in companies?

Company based in or moving to Oregon. Commitment to being inclusive from a company and product standpoint. A passion around the products you are creating and a core belief in wanting to build a responsible company. Fired up and ready to grow.

Are there strings attached?

We are working hard to build a founder friendly accelerator that takes zero equity from the program companies and looks to leverage our community and social capital, including access to mentors and resources. Our goal is your financial gain, not ours.

Are we considering only applicants from the Portland Metro area?

No. We want to launch and evolve this program with the entire state in mind. Working with our partners throughout Oregon – we will work with you,  where you are at. Simply put, we want to support the risk takers and dreamers who are building unique and innovative brands and not be bound by barriers.

Will I need to spend time in Portland?

In person meetings will be required during the program, but we will do our best to come to you as well. What cannot be replicated remotely is the peer to peer collaboration and thus, we will encourage – and facilitate as much as possible – these opportunities.   

What kind of non-financial support are you going to give these businesses?

Our focus is around building a deep and diverse mix of industry experts that can help our cohort companies grow. Areas of focus:

  • Finance and Operations
  • Branding
  • Sales Channels and Retail Partnerships
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Fundraising
  • If Applicable: Food Safety and Regulations
  • Sustainability
  • Direct to Consumer Strategies
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources and Talent Recruitment/Management
  • How to Create a Responsible Company

In addition to the above, companies will be given access to mentors and a statewide community of peers and organizations.

What is the program duration?

The Built Accelerator is currently open ended, allowing companies to grow as quickly or as slowly as they need.


Bridges is a collaboration between Built Oregon, Hacienda CDC, Soul District , APANO and Naya to bring awareness and opportunity to underrepresented consumer product companies through a retail partnership with Tender Loving Empire and Green Zebra Grocery. The idea is to provide invaluable retail experience, feedback, and exposure – all of which helps give them a foundation upon which to build.

The program launched with the the following incredible companies: