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Our passion is focused on telling the entrepreneurial stories of Oregon. Stories that instigate conversations. Stories that inspire action. Stories that foster collaborations that accelerate industries and regions, creating more ideation and connections, both digitally and in-person. And through that collaboration, we will help drive both economic development and community engagement.

That’s our ultimate goal: furthering the entrepreneurial momentum of our state. And you are part of that. Part of a community that shares our passion, and can also help us along the way.

To date, Built Oregon funded by our Kickstarter campaign and Oregon Story Board, an accelerator for digital storytelling. But to keep Built Oregon going, we’re hoping you will choose to support us as a member, advertiser, attendee at our events, or just a promoter of our vision.

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We plan on publishing more than 100 stories of Oregon entrepreneurship and innovation, every year.

With your support of a $24/year subscription, you enable Built Oregon to:

  • Pay experienced journalists to write these stories
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  • Bring awareness to the statewide network of companies, innovators, entrepreneurs, and doers

Your support is needed and always appreciated.

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With an eye towards the next great innovators, and also with a keen awareness to those who have already laid the foundations, we will look to engage our readers through a distinct editorial direction.

But Built Oregon never has been, and never will be, about our voice alone. For the storytelling to be successful, it needs to be participatory by the community that supports it.

Join us on this journey, and let’s do this together.  Thanks for your support.